CASL's Technology User's Group Educator Award

The CT Association of School Librarians, Technology Users Group annually grants up to three awards of $1,000 each to recognize excellence in the integration of technology into classroom learning. Projects that integrate many subjects and incorporate technology represent the future of education. CASL recognizes that technology is only a tool that enhances learning or the presentation of learning. Creative projects that show the power of technology through engaged learning are encouraged. $1,000 is given to the individual teachers for completed or on-going projects to be used as they wish. In the event of a team application, the monetary award will be divided equally among the individuals.


Any public or private school educator in Connecticut who are CASL Members may apply for a CASL Educator Award. Click here for Membership info. Teams or individuals may submit proposals for recognition of competed or on-going work that has made use of computer technology (in conjunction with other technologies) to positively impact the learning of students and must clearly address at least one of the ISTE Standards for Students. The learning can be in any domain (affective, cognitive, or motor), in any curriculum area, at any level in grades K-12. It may be aimed at the professional development of teachers if a clear link to improved learning of students can be shown. 

* Members of the CASL Board of Directors or their immediate family members will not be eligible for the award.
* Winners in any one year will not be eligible for an award the following year.
* Please note that this award is for work completed or in progress.
* It is not a grant for future work.


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