Carlton W. H. Erickson Award

To honor a person who has made an auspicious beginning in media services at the building level through contributions to the students, faculty, lay citizens, and/or instructional program of the school, school system, educational agency, or institution wherein the nominee/applicant is employed.  The nominee/applicant, although new in the media profession in Connecticut, has been involved in media service for no more than five years.  The nominee/applicant has demonstrated a dedication to the goals and principles of the media profession through action, philosophy, and speech

    • "Building level personnel" shall be defined as one whose primary responsibility is to work directly with students and faculty in a given school, school system, educational agency, or institution.
    • "Auspicious" shall be deemed as innovative or beyond normal requirements.
    • "New" shall be interpreted as recent, in a short space of time, not many years.
    • "Service" shall be construed as assistance, help, usefulness, and value
    • "Dedication" shall be interpreted as adherence, devotion, and loyalty.

The nominee/applicant shall submit two letters of reference, one from a teaching colleague and one from an administrator. The award recipient will receive a plaque.


Application Directions:

Please send the letters of recommendation as separate attachments in an email to:

Applications open until March 15, 2023.

 Click here to complete the online application.


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