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May 2018 Showcase: Melissa Thom

Everybody Has a Story: Immigration Experience Oral History

Students planned and conducted an interview with an individual who had an immigration story to tell.  In most cases, the person interviewed was a family member or friend. Students were responsible for generating a variety of question types: literal, interpretive, and applied.  They were required to record the interview and then write a transcription afterwards.  As a culminating activity, students came to the Makerspace to design, create, and decorate suitcases made out of cardboard boxes and various materials made available to them (such as country books that had been previously weeded from the collection because they were outdated.)   Students brought in 3-4 artifacts from their interviewee that represented the immigration story, and decorated their suitcase in a collage style to share the most important aspects of that story. Students completed a written reflection piece and a verbal presentation for their classmates on their experience and their suitcase.   


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